mumbai police saves life, well done mumbai police! Turned out to be a room service boy and saved the nurse's life; Suicide averted – in nick of time mumbai police saves nurse from suicide – PiPa News

Khar police station staff knocked on the door of a hotel room in Andheri East as room service boys. A 22-year-old woman opened the door. She had not eaten anything for 24 hours. The girl had come to the hotel with the intention of killing herself. Police found a blade, knife and scarf in her possession.

After detaining the young woman, the police interrogated her. Investigation revealed that the young woman was working as a nurse in a hospital in the western suburbs. The young woman works as a nurse from December 2021. She got stressed due to too much work. The police traced the girl with the help of mobile location.

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The young nurse had shown her real credentials to the hotel reception. On July 27, she went to the hotel. The hospital filed a complaint with the police after noticing that the nurse was not at work. On July 27, at 4.30 pm, the hospital reported that the nurse was missing.
The young woman told the police that she was stressed due to too much work. Thoughts of suicide were constantly coming in my mind for some days. The girl told Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Kanse that she was wondering why she was living. Kanse was included in the police team that rescued the girl.
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As soon as the complaint about the girl’s disappearance was received, the Khar police shifted the sources. DCP Manjunath Singe and his team played an important role in locating the girl. After the girl was found, her family was contacted. The girl’s mother and father are in Sangli. As soon as he got the information about the girl, he immediately left for Mumbai.


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