Things To Do If You Find Your Boyfriend On A Dating Site?

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you both have to put on blinders. But his prowling around on an app whose sole purpose is real-life romantic connections is a major red flag about his desire—or ability—to stay committed.

  1. If you know for a fact that he is online and active, and you decide you must confront him or you will die, don’t go at it in an accusing manner
  2. Ask Him A simple statement like “I noticed you have your online dating profile still up and perhaps I don’t understand the terms of our relationship correctly, could you help me out with this?”
  3. If he gives you any lame excuses. you need to seriously consider if it’s time to walk away from the relationship: If a man is still active on a dating site, his options are open and your options should remain open as well.  That is what we call mirroring a man.
  4. If he gets uncomfortable or defensive, you know something is wrong. Wait for a couple of weeks, see if his profile actually is pretty active. If you find him untrustworthy, AND your gut feeling says something is wrong, Leave him.

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